Wolf Creek Cobble

Geology: Dolomite Limestone

Product weight:

  • Full-bed: 35-40 square foot/ton
  • Thin veneer: 10-14 pounds/square foot

Color: Various shades of gray with some warmer tones of buff and occasional red tints.

Length: Mosaic pattern stone. Diameter is 6-12 inches.

Height: Refer to length

Width (depth):

  • Full-bed: 3.5-4.5 inches
  • Thin veneer: .5-1.5 inches

Corner returns: Varies in length of return, minimum of 3 inches

Typical piece: Predominately bed-face material with naturally irregular shapes, as it was pulled from the ground. Backs are sawn for thin veneer. The full veneer is hand-selected for thickness.

Please note: The beauty of natural stone is in its variety and range of color. These small pictures/samples are not fully representative. We do not recommend making a selection based on pictures alone.

Spec Sheet